Roanoke Youth Symphony

Roanoke Youth Symphony (RYS)

The RYS is an educational offering of the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra and consists of three ensembles: the Roanoke Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Roanoke Youth Symphony String Ensemble / Chamber Ensemble, and the Roanoke Youth Symphony Flute Ensemble. Ensemble participants draw from 10 school districts across Southwest Virginia and West Virginia, four private schools, and approximately 20% of participants are homeschooled.

RYS Orchestra
RYS String Ensemble & Chamber Ensemble
RYS Flute Ensemble
The Summer Music Institute

Discovery Concerts

Discovery Concerts feature the young musicians who comprise the Roanoke Youth Symphony Orchestra (RYSO). The purpose of the program is two-fold: first, to provide students in grades 3 through 5 the opportunity to hear a full orchestra perform live at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre (located at the Roanoke Civic Center); second, to provide valuable performance experience for the youth musicians. The programs provide a quality musical experience for the attendees while simultaneously supporting material required in all subject areas as outlined by the Virginia Standards of Learning. A detailed Study Guide is provided to assist teachers in their preparation and follow-up. Teacher, administrator, parental, and student feedback is sought to help the education staff of the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra evaluate this program.

Discovery Concert - The Anatomy of a Symphony - Monday, November 4, 2013 at 10 a.m. and 12-noon. Join us to discover the elements that make up a symphony. Hear the RYSO perform an exciting program, performing music by Brahms, Dvorak, Copland and more! Click here for the complete program. See the list of music selctions.

To reserve seats (beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, November 4, 2013), please email the following information to the RSO Education Director Sarah Wardle at or fax the following information to (540) 343-0065:

  • Your name & contact info (email & phone number)
  • School name
  • Which grades will be attending
  • No. of seats needed for both students and teachers
  • Any special needs or special accommodations

In-School Ensembles

The Roanoke Symphony Orchestra's In-School Ensembles are a great way to enhance students' learning experience. These programs provide students with the opportunity to observe and interact with professional musicians in a school setting. The programs are fun, full of information, and cover a variety of topics within various disciplines. Through careful and creative planning, each Ensemble program supports material required in all subject areas as outlined by the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Kim & Jimbo Cary
Rhythms 'Round Virginia
Rhythms 'Round the World

Robert Jospé & Inner Rhythm
World Beat Workshop

Roanoke Chamber Brass
America's Got Music
Heart of Brass

Virginia Virtuosi
Rhythm Around the World
Animal Rescue
Who's On First Bass?

The Wright Kids
The Wright Kids Wrock

Mini-Residencies, Master Classes, and Visits from the Maestro

Read more details about each In-School program.

Scheduling an Ensemble, Residency, Master Class or Visit:
Please contact RSO Education Director, Sarah Wardle at at 540.343.6221, ext. 231 or Please provide the following information: your name, school name, telephone number, preferred date(s) and time(s), approximate number of students in the audience, and the name of the ensemble above that interests you. You will be provided more details about booking the ensemble and specific availabilities.